The Authors of Low Down Dirty Vote
Volume II: Every Stolen Vote Is a Crime

Twenty-two authors contributed stories this year, and we're raising $10,000 for the Southern Poverty Law Center to use in their programs that defend voting rights in America today.

  • Faye Snowden, author of A Killing Fire and The Savior.
    Her story from this volume, "One Bullet. One Vote." was accepted in Best Mystery and Suspense 2021.

  • Stephen Buehler, magician, script consultant, and contributor to Murder-A-Go-Go

  • Tim O'Mara, author of the Barry-nominated Sacrifice Fly and Crooked Numbers

  • Jackie Ross Flaum, author of The Yellow Fever Revenge and other short stories

  • Stormy White, author of From Beneath, set near the Mississippi River

  • M J Holt, author of "No Statute of Limitations" in LDDV Volume II

  • Frank Rankin, author of "A Moral Assassin" in LDDV Volume II

  • Bev Vincent, author of Edgar and Bram Stoker-nominated The Stephen King Illustrated Companion

  • David Hagerty, author of the Duncan Cochrane political thrillers and author in LDDV Vol. I

  • Puja Guha, author of The Ahriman Legacy, an Amazon best-selling international thriller series

  • Gary Phillips, author of dozens of award-winning crime fiction stories in novel, short story, and graphic novel format

  • James McCrone, author of the Imogen Trager Noirpolitik suspense thrillers

  • Madeline McEwen, author of Tied Up with Strings, a Serebral Seniors Mystery, and other novelettes.

  • Robert Lopresti, author of Such a Killing Crime and short stories featuring Leopold "Shanks" Longshanks.

  • Camille Minichino, author of The Alaskan Diner Mysteries and author in LDDV Volume I

  • Jim Doherty, author of Just The Facts: True Tales of Cops and Criminals

  • Ann Parker, author of the Silver Rush historical mystery series and an author in LDDV Volume I

  • Terry Sanville, author of hundreds of short stories, essays, poems, and novels

  • Ben Harshman, debut author of "Sometimes It Makes a Difference" in LDDV Volume II

  • Sarah M. Chen, author of the award-winning Cleaning Up Finn and many awards-nominated short stories.
    Ms. Chen's ability to weave humor and pathos is unparalleled.

  • Gabriel Valjan, author of Dirty Old Town and other novels and awards-nominated, Macavity award-winning short stories

  • Travis Richardson, author of Bloodshot and Bruised, many novellas, awards-nominated short stories, and incisive reviews